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How to Get a job in Canada – Requirements, and Eligibility for Immigrants

It’s true that if you don’t know where to start, you wouldn’t know how to get a job in Canada. If you are a new immigrant or are applying from outside of Canada, you might want to read up.

We will brief you regarding the requirements and eligibility criteria to get a Canadian work visa so you can get a Canadian job for a kickstart in the country.

How to Get a Job in Canada that gets your ball rolling 

There are many ways that you can search for jobs in Canada. You can search for jobs and then apply for the express entry program, or you can apply for a work visa or immigration if you want to settle first then look for a job.  

Here are some points that you need to know before you apply for jobs or a visa for Canada. In Canada jobs demand is a little skewed towards specific professions. This article will discuss the jobs that are in-demand in Canada as well.

What are the Top Jobs in Canada?

When talking about the highest paid jobs in Canada nurse practitioners and dentists earn up to 104,000 Canadian dollars per year!

This is followed by engineering-related fields such as power utilities, power systems, and construction managers. Those who have qualified in public administration also have a bright scope earning up to 110 Canadian dollars a year.

However, you are in for a real treat if you are a lawyer or a physician or doctor because they earn around 135,000 – 150,000 CAD per year which is quite impressive don’t you think?

Express Entry Canada Requirements 2020(200)

The Canada express entry is an immigration opportunity for skilled workers who can add to the Canadian economy. There are three express entry options for Canada:

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  2. Federal Skilled Workers Program
  3. Experience Class

All three of these programs require language skills. In the skilled workers’ program, you need to get a 67/100 score on the point grid. The grid is based on six factors including language skills, work experience, education, age, adaptability, and arranged employment.

FactorsMaximum Score
Language Skills28
Work Experience15
Arranged Employment10

The ESDC is a body that will assess whether or not the company that is hiring you can hire a foreign worker.

If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer who is approved by the ESDC, you can easily apply for a work permit from the IRCC or the Canadian visa office in your country. in this case, you can get a Canadian work permit which allows you to work in Canada till the job lasts.

However, it does not mean that you have immigrated to Canada. For that, you will have to apply for immigration separately. Though if you have experience working in a Canadian firm, you will get more points if and when you apply for immigration as a skilled worker.

What are CRS points and How to Calculate them?

You might apply for the express entry program and then look for a job once you are settled there. Or, if you have a valid job offer, you can gain points for your immigration on the CRS grid which will strengthen your case.

For the express entry program, it is important that you understand the CRS points as well. Through good overall CRS points, your profile can be ranked better and your chances of getting immigration to Canada can be higher.

The CRS points system has core factors that have a maximum of 600 points and an additional 600 points. The additional points can be attained in the case that you have a job offer, a nomination, or previously gotten a  degree or certificate from a Canadian institution.

Check out this link for assessing your CRS points from the official Government of Canada website.

Canada Work Visa Requirements(200)

To apply for a work visa, you need to have some documents ready to make sure that you get the permit.

If you want to know how to apply for a job in Canada from overseas, take a look at this list of Documents required for a Canada work permit:

The Canada work visa cost ranges from CAN$ 100-155. However, if your work visa has expired, you need to apply and pay for restoration within 90 days of expiration. It costs CAN$ 200.

Once you have filled out the application, you can apply for the work visa and then prospective jobs. If you get a job first, it is possible that the employer has their own set of eligibility for issuing a work visa.

Canada Work Permit Eligibility and Requirements(200)

If you are in Canada, your eligibility criteria for a work permit changes considerably. This is because if you have a study permit or your spouse or parents have a study or work permit in Canada, you can apply for one as well.

Furthermore, you are also eligible for a Canadian work permit if you have a residence permit that is temporary. The condition is that it should be valid for six months or more. Also, if you are in Canada and are waiting for a decision for your permanent residence, you can apply for a work permit.

How to get a job in Canada for new immigrants?

If you have immigrated to Canada, you do not need a work permit to work. You can apply for jobs directly because the immigration process has been completed.


If you want to move to Canada for job, the opportunities are vast. If you fall in the age range and meet the criteria defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, you are sorted for landing a great job.

If you fall in the categories that are most in-demand and pay highest, you can easily get a job before applying for a work permit or a work visa. Subsequently, you can apply for permanent residence once you are working in the country.

We hope we have helped you get an overview of the requirements and eligibility criteria explaining to you how to get a job in Canada. Moreover, you can consult an immigration specialist to guide you further in this process.

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